COVID-19 vaccine booster dose shot

All Quebec adults are now eligible for a fourth dose, but is it necessary?

Experts have reported that a fourth shot doesn’t provide much additional protection for healthy adults under 80.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Quebec public health director Dr. Luc Boileau said that all adults are now eligible for a fourth dose via ClicSanté, though it’s not being officially recommended as the third (booster) dose was when Omicron was sweeping the province in January. Fourth doses for adults under 60 were previously only available at walk-in clinics.

The province’s vaccination committee (CIQ) recommends the fourth dose for more vulnerable groups such as the immunocompromised, people over 80, those who live in senior homes. Experts have reported that, among healthy adults, the increase in protection against COVID-19 and its variants from a fourth dose is significantly less than that of the third dose.

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