Top 9 Higher Educational Institutions In Maine 

Are you looking for a perfect university to attend? Or maybe you live in Maine and don’t want to move far away from home? Well, look no further because this article from Mark Bradford of EssayHub will tell you all about the best higher educational institutions in Maine!

Lots of students start to think about their future when they are still in high school. Choosing an institution of higher education can change your life, for better or for worse! So, this is one of the most important choices that you can make. Luckily, there are plenty of good schools in Maine, so you will have lots of options to choose from!

Those colleges that are on top of this list often are very strict with their students. This means that you will have to study very hard to keep up with the schedule! When you are feeling overwhelmed, try looking for a “write my essay” service like EssayHub to help you with your homework. Expert native writers will gladly assist you with any issue and improve your grades!

So, are you ready to find the university of your dreams? Here are the top 9 higher educational institutions in Maine!

The University of Maine

  • City: Orono
  • Admission rate: 92%

As you can see, the acceptance rate is very high here. Don’t let these statistics fool you! This is one of the oldest universities in the country. This place also offers an amazingly diverse program to its students, which includes almost 90 undergraduate majors and 75 master’s degree programs. If you like to socialize, there are also more than 200 organizations for attendees!

Colby College

  • City: Waterville
  • Admission rate: 10%

This is a huge contrast to the previous entry on this list. The number of applicants who are accepted to Colby College is very low. The tuition is also pretty expensive, which makes this place a dream for many young graduates. If you manage to get into this institution, there are many interesting classes in the liberal arts category to choose from.

Bates College

  • City: Lewiston
  • Admission rate: 14%

Generally, the student population here is very small, which means that it’s not overcrowded during lectures. You can be sure that professors will give you their undivided attention! And if you miss something during the lecture, try looking for some help like an online essay writing service online. Still, this school is one of the most prestigious liberal arts institutions in Maine!

University of New England

  • City: Biddeford
  • Admission rate: 87%

This is a great place to get your diploma and set a course for your future career. And if you don’t like the location anymore, this university has a branch campus in Portland! For almost 200 years, the institution has been providing its students with an excellent education, as well as housing, library, financial help, and many leisure facilities.

Bowdoin College

  • City: Brunswick
  • Admission rate: 9%

Yet another college with a shockingly low acceptance rate on this list, this institution is a great place to study liberal arts. It was opened in 1794, earning the right to be one of the most selective colleges in the state. This is also one of the places where international applicants can enroll if they pay higher tuition and have amazing SAT scores.

College of the Atlantic

  • City: Bar Harbor
  • Admission rate: 76%

This is a very good school with a ranking of #92 of all Liberal Arts Colleges in the country. It’s relatively young because it was created in 1969. Still, due to its amazing course program, student organizations, and beautiful rural setting, this institution has gained many favors in the academic community! You can also apply to get financial aid here.

Maine Maritime Academy

  • City: Castine
  • Admission rate: 52%

As you can see, you have a pretty good chance of getting into this particular institution! For the most part, they offer degrees related to engineering, maritime industry, and marine biology. You can also apply for commerce and international business majors here. There is a great chance that you will be offered a chance to study abroad.

Unity College

  • City: Unity
  • Admission rate: 99%

As you can see, you have almost a 100% chance of getting into this school. Still, this is no reason to think that you won’t get a decent education here! This is a private institution, so rankings say that this is one of the best private colleges in the state. You can also attend some courses here that will count for pre-bachelor education.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

  • City: Standish
  • Admission rate: 87%

This is a very small college that has less than 1000 learners. Here, students say that it’s relatively easy to support work/study balance. Also, because of the low number of pupils, you can be sure to get into any class that you want! So, this place is a great alternative for those who have to work and get their degree at the same time.

To Sum Up

So, there you have it, the top 9 higher educational institutions in Maine! Choosing your path in life can be hard. There are many criteria that colleges have to meet, like their acceptance rates, price of their tuition, number of interesting majors, and so on. With this list, you will be one step closer to attending the university of your dreams!