Jean Charest CPC leadership race

“Jean Charest’s ship has sailed”

338Canada’s Philippe J. Fournier did not mince words when referring to Jean Charest’s “devastating” new poll results in the CPC leadership race.

Philippe J. Fournier from 338Canada has commented on a new Léger poll projecting very unfavorable results for Jean Charest in the CPC leadership race.

The poll in question found that Pierre Poilievre leads the race with 43% support among CPC voters, significantly higher than Jean Charest at 18%. The poll also found that the Conservative Party would receive just 23% support in overall voting intention with Jean Charest as CPC leader, 6 points lower than with Pierre Poilievre, at 29%. Fournier referred to the poll result as “devastating.”

”Jean Charest’s ship has sailed in the CPC leadership race.”

Fournier later commented saying that it now seems like Charest’s “ship has sailed.”

“Hindsight is 20/20, but perhaps Charest would have stood a better chance in the previous race against O’Toole and MacKay? Or maybe not. Nevertheless it really looks like that ship has sailed now.”

”Jean Charest’s ship has sailed in the CPC leadership race.”

The 2022 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election will take place on September 10, 2022.

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