Will Butler has quit Arcade Fire

“Thank you to anyone who’s come out to Arcade Fire shows, or bought a record or loves our music. It’s meaningful to be part of your lives.”

Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Will Butler, who has been with the band (at his brother Win’s side) since they released their first album Funeral, announced on Twitter today that he has quit the band.

“I left at the end of last year, after the new record was complete. There was no acute reason beyond that I’ve changed — and the band has changed — over the last almost 20 years. Time for new things.”

—Will Butler

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Will Butler has quit Arcade Fire

Will does not appear in the new music video “Lightning I,II,” the first single from the forthcoming Arcade Fire album WE, which will be released by Columbia on May 6.

Will’s energetic and often unhinged stage presence with the band will be missed, but his solo career continues.

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