Independent Online Casinos: Pros and Cons

Independent Online Casinos come with great offers that provide scope for big wins.

Independent online casinos are becoming popular today because of their convenience, fair gameplay, and exciting bonuses. Moreover, these independent casino sites at offer a wide variety of games that can be accessed at any moment without having to wait for a particular game to begin. 

Pros of Independent online Casinos

Starting from a plethora of gaming options to 24/7 access Independent online Casinos come with many enticing offers as well as great rewards. When playing in an independent casino, there are many advantages for the user to take care of. For example:

No Limits

Independent gambling sites are always more flexible. They are usually high-limit online casinos that allow high rollers to bet according to their bankroll.

Fast Payouts

The fast payout feature is one of the most popular features on independent casino sites. Players can choose to play all the slots, roulette, poker games, and every available game in the world without having to wait for a prolonged period to get their money out. By taking advantage of the quick payout feature on independent sites, players can improve the odds of winning by winning more often.

“Incognito” mode gambling

If the player wants to play as an anonymous in online casinos, they will have a hard time finding most gambling sites. All Casino operators require the player to fill in their data. At some point, they might even have to verify their identity by sending a photo of their ID or passport. In independent gambling sites, players have the option to gamble anonymously. These sites won’t keep records of players playing there and thus let the player enjoy absolute privacy.

Many Demo Games

In Independent gambling sites, free demo slots are available which is not available in many local sites which makes independent casinos preferable for gamblers. Playing for free on demo mode is a great help to beginners who want to learn game dynamics before playing for real money.

No Verification

As mentioned earlier, many casinos require players to verify their data. This process can take longer and be tiring since players have to scan or photograph your ID, upload it to their server and wait for the team to approve your gaming. In Independent casinos, players do not need to verify they can simply register and start playing right away!

Available Worldwide

Independent gambling sites are open to every player, all over the world. They are not limited to any particular country or region and accept players from all over the world. These International casinos, therefore, cater to a wider pool of players. This boosts the chances of winning for the player as well.

Cons of Independent Online Casinos

Playing in an independent online casino is not always a perfect experience. Players should be prepared to face some issues while gambling on these sites. Each gambler should be aware of some risks before engaging with a new online casino website.  Some issues are as follows:

Mostly Based Offshore

One common factor between independent sites is a lack of a local license. Therefore, players will be limited to playing on Curacao online casino sites and others from different offshore jurisdictions.

Not Regulated by Local Authorities

Independent online casinos don’t belong to the jurisdiction and laws of any particular country. Thus players who have registered with Gamstop and self-excluded themselves from gambling will have a hard time finding an online casino that will accept them in their country. But since they are not registered with Gamstop or any jurisdiction they can allow such players to gamble with them.

Limited Payment Options

The lack of banking diversity is a common limitation that players would face independent gambling sites is. The Bitcoin or credit card payments at casino sites don’t usually offer e-wallet or bank transfer payment options. PayPal and mobile bill deposits are also not available. But usually, the ones offered are safe and easy to use.

Only Internal Self-Exclusion Available

Usually, Independent gambling sites are not registered with Gamstop. Players can of course ask for support to self-exclude themselves but these casinos are not obligated to follow any such restrictions. Problem gamblers, therefore, in many cases end up using these casinos and betting websites to continue to play during the self-exclusion period obligations that they’d set in their country.  Independent casinos do not include self-exclusion schemes. Thus self- exclusion completely depends on the individual. 


Independent online gambling platforms are in no way a perfect experience but they are safe and profitable and reliable in most cases of daily life. These unregulated gambling venues are very proficient when it comes to customer service. But that doesn’t cover everything that players need. 

But overall for the conscious player, the Independent Online Casinos come with great offers that provide scope for big wins. Along with demo games that are rarely available on other sites, for practice before the actual game.