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Quebec to end nearly all pandemic public health restrictions by March 14

VaxiCode will also be phased out by mid-March.

Quebec Premier François Legault announced in Feb. 8 a press conference that nearly all pandemic public health restrictions in the province will end by March 14. Legault, who spoke alongside public health director Luc Boileau and Health Minister Christian Dubé, warned that the timetable for the lifting of restrictions between Feb. 12 and March 14 is a “calculated risk,” that “living with the virus” means hospitalizations are likely to increase.

While masks remain mandatory in indoor public spaces, the use of vaccine passports will also end on March 14 (outside of international travel).

Feb. 12

  • Legal restrictions on private gatherings will end, though hosting a total of 10 people (from three households) is still suggested.
  • In restaurants, table capacity can go up to 10 people from up to three households.

Feb. 14

  • Gyms, indoor sports and leisure facilities and spas will be permitted to reopen at 50% capacity.
  • Spectator sports can resume, with outdoor matches and other outdoor shows able to host crowds of up to 5,000.

Feb. 21

  • The Bell Centre and other theatres can reopen up to 50% capacity, and will no longer be limited to 500 capacity.
  • Capacity limits will be dropped for retail stores.

Feb. 28

  • Bars can reopen and casinos will reopen at 50%, with no dancing or karaoke.
  • Sports competitions and tournaments can resume.
  • Theatres (Bell Centre excluded) and places of worship can reopen at full capacity.
  • The work from home mandate will be reduced to a recommendation.

March 14

  • All restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theatres, small music venues, casinos and arenas can fill up to 100% capacity.
  • Dancing and karaoke will be allowed.
  • VaxiCode will no longer be required for entry to Quebec businesses and other establishments

This article was originally published on Feb. 8 and updated on Feb. 15.

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