Most Watched Casino Movies

These movies also remind us of how easy it is to emerge ourselves in the world of Casinos.

In our hectic lives, we all seek to escape and unwind through a good book, a glass of wine, an exhilarating movie. Movies have been proven to spark drive, motivation and interest in individuals’ everyday lives, creating awareness and social skillset that was once lacking. Watching a movie can also trigger emotions and allow you to become empathetic to the protagonist of the story, allowing us to relate and escape within the story. In today’s movie list the topic is: Casino!

So let’s begin to break it down and count down some of the most famously watched Casino related movies to ever exist.

What’s better than heading to a casino and putting your skills to practice and getting in action? Watching a movie that depicts the works of a casino with all the jaw-clenching action and the lifestyle that comes with it is a perfect mental break from the everyday routine. These movies also remind us of how easy it is to emerge ourselves in the world of Casinos.

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Here you will find a brief list of all the most-watched and most loved movies based on casinos and the culture around them.

California Split (1974)

California Split is based on an amateur gambler, played by George Segal, who becomes friends with a professional player, played by Elliott Gould, who is also a gambling addict and starts to emulate his life, propelling both of them farther into the shady gambling market, where the stakes are always increasing. With the contrast between these two characters, this movie will suck you into both the realistic and exaggerated parts of the casino lifestyle, while keeping you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. A tale that gives you everything you are looking for; action, emotion, comedy and thrill throughout.

Uncut Gems (2020)

With a more recent addition, Uncut Gems is a story based on an unassuming jeweller, played by Adam Sandler, who makes a high-stakes wager that might result in a fortune of a lifetime for himself and his family. In a high voltage act, he must maintain a delicate balance between business, family, and rivals across all sides in order to achieve victory. Uncut Gems is a riveting story filled with metaphorical lessons for the viewer to ponder on whilst enjoying the beautiful masterpiece that is the cinematography created by Darius Khondji.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Ocean’s Eleven is a story about Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia, who owns three prominent casinos in Las Vegas, and Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, who is a mobster and the leader of a crew of eleven individuals assembled in an effort to seize money from the casinos. This movie is known as a classic film that is loved worldwide, both for the impeccable cast and acting but also for the beautiful cinematography created by Soderbergh himself.

Croupier (1999)

A poor writer, played by Clive Owen, accepts a croupier position in a casino to supplement his income. He is contacted by a bettor who is experiencing financial difficulties and who requests his assistance in arranging a theft at the casino he works in. Filmed in 1998, this movie remains relevant and exciting for all those who watch finding themselves wanting more.

Wake in Fright (1971)

Wake in Fright recites the story of an educator John Grant, played by Gary Bond, who is looking forward to enjoying his break with his fiancée in Sydney after concluding the school year in a distant desert town. However, John becomes stranded in a mining town, where he goes on a gambling binge that leaves him absolutely bankrupt. He instantly becomes friends with the hard-drinking natives, who regularly bribe him with wine and push him to take part in a brutal kangaroo hunt to prove his worth. John is disillusioned and attempts to hitch out of town, but when that fails, he starts thinking of killing himself. A heartbreaking story filled with action and psychological thrills to keep the audience hooked.

Casino (1995)

Ace, a clever mafia member played by Robert De Niro, is tasked with running casinos in Las Vegas, where he quickly climbs through the ranks. His brawls with Nicky, played by Joe Pesci, his buddy, and Ginger, his love interest, played with Sharon Stone, on the other hand, causes problems. A tale filled with money, power, greed, and action – this film will keep you on your toes and will have you questioning whose loyalty lies where.