Montreal La Poutine Week 2022

La Poutine Week reviews 2022: Part 2

Shish Taouk style, Nashville style, tandoori, pickles — Quebec’s national dish is all over the place for Poutine Week, and that’s a good thing.

La Poutine Week began on Feb. 1, and to mark the 10th annual edition of the February food festival, its run has been extended to two weeks, straight through to Valentine’s Day. To follow up our first batch of reviews, below is another sample of what 99 Montreal restaurants are serving in-person and via DoorDash delivery for la Poutine Week 2022.

La Reine Gadboi, Greenspot

Reine Gadboi Greenspot La poutine week montreal reviews 2022
La Reine Gadboi by Greenspot (La Poutine Week reviews 2022)

This was a solid offering overall from Greenspot, but it was a bit underwhelming considering how great the poutines are on the restaurant’s regular menu. I must say that it would have helped if the onion rings hadn’t been rendered so soggy by the gravy — onion rings kind of need to be crispy. The pogo was a very nice touch, though, even if it is the height of trash. $12.75 (Tim Salhany)

Abdoulah Gingras, Roch le Coq

Roch le Coq Abdoulah Gingras La poutine week reviews Montreal 2022
Abdoulah Gingras by Roch le Coq (La Poutine Week reviews 2022)

The fried chicken chain’s Middle Eastern take on poutine was probably my favourite entry in this year’s festival. With marinated Shish Taouk-style popcorn chicken, halloumi cheese, marinated turnip and garlic sauce mixing with the gravy, it was as unconventional as they come, but a surprise win when it came to complementary flavours. $16 (Lorraine Carpenter)

Mexican Poutine, Bergham

Mexican Poutine Bergham La poutine week Montreal reviews 2022
Mexican Poutine by Bergham (La Poutine Week reviews 2022)

After last year’s excellent Maximum Poutine, the halal fast food chain is serving up a truly international poutine from their nine locations around the city: a Mexican Poutine in name, though the centrepiece of the dish — visually and flavour-wise — is tandoori chicken. There are also jalapeños and roasted red peppers to jazz up the poutine base of shoestring fries and cheese curds. Bergham being all about sauce, they of course nail the mix of standard gravy and “Bergham Rouge Sauce.” I’d say one of my favourites this year, definitely. $16.99 (TS)

Nashville Crispy Chicken Poutine, Poutine Boss

Nashville Crispy Chicken Poutine Poutine Boss La poutine week Montreal reviews 2022
Nashville Crispy Chicken Poutine by Poutine Boss (La Poutine Week reviews 2022)

A somewhat intimidating combo of Nashville-style super-crunch crispy chicken, dill pickles and “spiced up homemade Québécoise poutine sauce” over fries and cheese curds. I loved this poutine all around. Pickles isn’t an ingredient I’d ever think of adding to a poutine but it turned out to be a great complement to the sweet, crispy chicken. This was a great inaugural Poutine Week creation from the self-proclaimed new “boss” in town. $13.49 (TS)

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