How to Find the Best Betting Apps in Canada

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be more than on your way to finding the best available apps in the country.

It may not be instantaneously obvious what the Grey Cup, game seven of the Stanley Cup finals and the Super Bowl have in common, but for sports fans throughout Canada, this relatively new connection is cause for celebration. In 2021, after years of anticipation, it is now possible for Canadian residents to legally gamble on individual sporting events, including those listed above. This development has allowed Canadians to participate in single-event betting with the peace of mind that they are doing so in a fully regulated and secure environment. While provincial gaming and lottery commissions were first to the market, betting apps are more than expected to challenge on all fronts.

As with any new gambling development, it can prove to be a challenge to know which apps are safe to use and which you should avoid, especially when there are so many attempting to establish themselves at the same time. This new law has finally provided some transparency and legitimacy to a potentially murky industry. Safety, however, can still only be assured provided you know where to look. For this reason, it is recommended to base your decisions on the guidance of a trustworthy and reliable source, such as Basketballinsiders’ comprehensive guide on the best betting apps in Canada 2022, which breaks down the pros and cons of the best sports betting apps that are currently accepting players in Canada.

What a Difference a Day Makes

In terms of the impact this federal law has on the betting landscape in Canada, it allows each individual province to regulate sports betting in the manner they deem acceptable. Not only does this law change make it safer for sports fans to wager bets on the sport of their choice, it allows the market to be regulated and controlled, potentially bringing billions of dollars in taxes.

This newly collected revenue ensures that you can place a bet with the peace of mind that you are doing so in a safe and secure environment. This is one market that is already experiencing rapid growth, and as more and more betting apps establish themselves within the Canadian market, it is one industry that is set to continue to flourish for the foreseeable future. This is clearly a savvy move by the Canadian government, as outside of allowing Canadians to safely bet on their favourite sports — and boy do Canadians love sports, it will create new jobs and revenue streams, all the while ensuring consumer protection. Sounds like a win-win!

Variety of Sports

Your choice of app will of course s epend on your betting preferences, but be aware that betting apps offer different varieties of sporting events and markets that you can bet on. If you know you are only going to be placing bets on one particular sport, this shouldn’t be of much concern, however, if you are a fan of multiple sports, always be sure to double-check the catalogue of sports the app offers.

Customer service

When it comes to your money, you are going to want to know that the app you choose offers top quality customer service. Check out online reviews — it is one thing that the internet is absolutely fantastic at, as it allows you to see what others have to say about their direct dealings with customer service agents. 

Additionally, you can even test it out for yourself before you sign up by simply making an enquiry. This way you get some first-hand knowledge of how they actually interact with the public.

Bonuses & promotions

Sports betting apps offer a variety of bonuses and promotions, and some of them can be fantastic. They come in all shapes and sizes, from welcome bonuses to loyalty programs, so it is well worth taking a look. 

Based on their experiences outside of the betting world, many individuals dismiss the idea of free bonuses, believing they are simply too good to be true. But trust us, there is major competition within the sports betting world and these offers are as real as the games you will be betting on.

User interface

User interface is extremely important, yet it is often an overlooked factor when it comes to sports betting apps. Know whether you will be using the app on your laptop, smartphone or tablet device, and make sure that it is something you find enjoyable to use. We all have different preferences; the most important thing is to find the app that agrees with your eyes, as well as being fast and responsive. 

The bottom line is to keep these tips in mind and take advantage of an online guide,

such as the one mentioned at the beginning of this article. Do this and you will be more than on your way to finding the ideal sports betting app available in Canada today.