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Canada’s sexiest cities have been ranked and Montreal didn’t even make the top 10

Calgary is #1?!

Canada’s largest online retailer of sexual health and wellness products PinkCherry has released a ranking of the Sexiest Cities in the country, and somehow, Montreal didn’t even make the Top 10.

The list, which was compiled according to purchases and consumer behaviour patterns throughout the country, has Montreal ranked 186th among Canada’s cities and towns and Calgary ranked 1st. In second place was Surrey, B.C. and in third place was Ottawa, ON.

(Of course, the criteria this list is based on could suggest that Montrealers buy fewer sex toys because we have more sex with actual humans than people in other cities. Right?)

“Some Flirty Facts about Canada? Over 10,348,268 inches of sex toys sold. That’s 475 CN Towers, 1788 Harbour Centres or 1104 the Bows! This year, Canadians satiated their sweet tooth with some flavoured lubes; their top choices included Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Creme Brulée.”


The Top 10 Sexiest Cities in Canada have been placed below. To see how your city or town ranks, please click here.

Top 10 Sexiest Cities in Canada 

  1. Calgary, Alberta
  2. Surrey, British Columbia
  3. Ottawa, Ontario
  4. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  5. Edmonton, Alberta
  6. London, Ontario
  7. Brampton, Ontario
  8. Hamilton, Ontario
  9. Toronto, Ontario
  10. Vaughan, Ontario

Canada’s sexiest cities have been ranked and Montreal didn’t even make the top 10

This article was originally published on Feb. 3 and updated on Feb. 20, 2022.

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