Can Canadians Play at Offshore Crypto Gambling Sites?

There are many factors Canadian gamblers have to consider before choosing an offshore gambling site.

Online gambling sites are gambling platforms that are exciting and accommodating. Moreover, many Canadians gamble on these platforms with the expectation of winning big and securing financial benefits. However, Canada’s gambling activities have specific rules and regulations depending on the province and territory. 

Therefore, Canadians are free to gamble using local online gambling sites. However, some Canadians have developed an interest in international gambling websites recently. Therefore they desire to play using these offshore gambling sites. 

However, Canadians are free to use offshore gambling sites only if they are legal and licensed in their territories. Moreover, this article aims to provide detailed information about offshore gambling sites.

What is an Offshore Gambling Site?

Offshore gambling websites are international gambling sites. They are sites operating in another country except for Canada. 

Many online gambling sites prefer to set up their gambling operations in countries with favorable rules and regulations. Therefore, there is a possibility Canadian citizens can not find their desired online gambling site in their country.

Offshore casinos give the opportunity of playing to gamblers who live in a country or territory where gambling activities are illegal or highly restricted. 

Moreover, these casinos are not liable to the many gambling restrictions of the country. Instead, they are subject to the regulations of their base countries. Therefore, gamblers using offshore gambling sites do not express concerns over new restrictions on online gambling sites in their home country. 

Even when online gambling is legal in your country, offshore gambling sites are still strongly recommended. These offshore sites provide gamblers with designs and services worldwide; therefore, there is a possibility they are more efficient than your local casinos.

What to Look for In An Offshore Gambling Site

A gambling platform operating offshore does not mean they are illegal or less efficient. Therefore it only means that the gambling platform is not physically present in your country. However, most offshore gambling sites are licensed and fully regulated.

Offshore gambling sites must fill the instructions of their commissioning body in their base country. However, Canadian gamblers who desire to gamble using offshore gambling sites should find out if the site is licensed and legal. Consequently, any offshore casino found defaulting gambling rules and regulations will lose its license. 

Discovering licensed gambling platforms is easy. Any offshore gambling site that is legal will display the information at the last section of their homepage. Moreover, Gamblers can find all the required legal terms in this section. All gambling platforms enable gamblers to find their legal documentation easily and verify their authenticity.

Offshore gambling platforms offer punters the best online games like other gambling sites. In addition, they offer the best slot games, table games and many more.

Gamblers who want to use offshore-based gambling platforms should double-check their legal documents. Moreover, they also need to make sure that the sites have standard security systems and work with platforms that are fully regulated and verified globally. 

Finally, you should always check their deposit and withdrawal options. If these options include notable outlets such as Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and many more, then you can continue using the gambling site.

After choosing any offshore gambling sites, you should do research and read reviews thoroughly on the platform’s offer. Canadian punters should know offshore gambling sites are geo-targeted for different Canadian territories. Therefore proper findings will help you discover these websites.

Features of Offshore Gambling Sites

It is important to note that legal offshore gambling platforms share the same advantages as local online gambling sites. Many gamblers feel offshore sites are inferior because rules do not bind them. However, that idea is wrong. Below are the most significant features of offshore gambling sites: 

1. Exciting Operations and Fun Games 

Most offshore gambling sites operate in a country with advanced technology and development. Therefore the operations of these sites are always innovative and exciting. For example, offshore gambling sites offer better bonuses and rewards for their players than the local casinos. 

Moreover, there’s a possibility these gambling sites will also offer better games as they are more exposed.

2. Easier to Use 

One of the essential features of offshore gambling platforms is their ease of use. Aside from that, you do not need to travel to their location to play. Their operations have effective designs, and it is straightforward.

Most offshore casinos have platforms compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Additionally, many of these sites also offer their customers compatible apps. 

Most times, customers who download these apps are qualified for better rewards and bonuses. Moreover, players have greater chances of winning with offshore gambling sites than local ones.

Since these casinos are in advanced countries, the value of the welcome packages is always high. In addition, gamblers can also get free spins, deposit offers and many more on offshore gambling platforms.

3. Tax-Free 

Offshore gambling sites offer their users a fantastic tax-free income. Often, gamblers who win on online gambling sites must pay tax. However, you will not pay any tax when you win on offshore gambling sites.

4. Ability to Accept Digital Currencies 

Offshore online gambling platforms are not as rigid as local gambling sites. They always give gamblers a wide range of options for withdrawals and deposits. One of the most crucial payment options is a digital currency option.

Although many of these websites still accept fiat currency. There is solid evidence that they prefer digital currency because of its decentralized nature. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Litecoin are among the many digital currencies accepted by offshore gambling sites.

Moreover, some crypto gambling sites allow gamblers to make payments using various fiat currencies like CAD, Dollars, Euros and many more.


Canadians who wish to play on offshore gambling sites are free to do so only if they are legal and licensed in their territories. Moreover, offshore gambling sites offer their customers several advantages that local gambling platforms can not provide. 

However, there are still many factors Canadian gamblers have to consider before choosing an offshore gambling site. We hope the information in this article is all you need to get started on offshore gambling platforms.