trucker convoy Ottawa crowd-funding

55% of trucker convoy crowd-funding donations came from the U.S.

GiveSendGo campaigns have raised at least $8.9-million to support the Canadian protests after the original GoFundMe account was shut down.

A series of data leaks have exposed the names, locations and donations of those who supported the trucker convoy protests in Canada via the crowd-funding platform GiveSendGo.

The latest leak reveals that roughly 60% of donors to the Adopt a Trucker campaign, which raised over $540K, were Canadian, while 37% were American. A previous leak of a different GiveSendGo campaign, titled Freedom Convoy 2022, revealed that U.S. donations accounted for 56% of the $8.4-million raised. Together, the two campaigns raised $8.9-million, 55% of which came from the U.S.

The identities of donors to Freedom Convoy 2022 were also leaked, including U.S. tech billionaire Thomas Siebel, who gave $90K to the cause. The hackers responsible for this leak on Sunday also disabled this campaign.

The Emergencies Act, which was invoked by the Trudeau government on Monday, gives banks the power to suspend or freeze the accounts of those who support blockades and force crowdfunding platforms and cryptocurrencies to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws.

The original GoFundMe campaign that supported the trucker convoy protests and occupation of Ottawa when it first began raised $10-million before getting shut down by the crowd-funding platform itself. The outcry over this from the likes of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis prompted concerns in Canada about foreign interference in the movement to end pandemic public health restrictions, and in our democracy itself. One of the goals of the organizers of the Ottawa occupation is the removal of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.

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