Quebec masks schools

The curfew will reportedly end and Quebec schools will re-open on Monday

Curfew news leaked on Wednesday night just as Premier Legault announced that schools will return to in-person learning on the same day.

News leaked on Wednesday night that the curfew in Quebec is expected to end on Monday, the same day that schools across the province are due to re-open. Quebec Premier François Legault confirmed that the plan to return to in-person learning, from elementary and high school to CEGEP and university, received the green light from public health. CEGEPs and universities will be “given some leeway to adjust” — the government previously announced that they would be permitted to continue remote learning through the end of January.

In a statement posted last night, Legault acknowledged that there is concern among parents. He presented vaccination stats — 98% of high school kids have one dose, 89% have two while almost 60% of elementary school kids have a first dose “and their immune response is very strong at this age.” He also noted that teachers have had access to booster shots since the end of December. Masks will of course be mandatory in schools for now, and rapid tests will be made available per student, particularly at the lower levels.

“It is very important for children to go back to school, to learn, to find their friends, to find some normality. The vast majority of children are not at significant health risk with COVID. On the other hand, school delays and isolation can cause significant problems.

“We know that we will have to adjust in the first days, but we have already been there. If everyone does their part, things will go well and the children will regain their joie de vivre.”

—François Legault

The curfew will reportedly end and all Quebec schools will re-open on Monday

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