SAQ employee maskless customer

SAQ customer allegedly punched, thrown into wine bottles after argument over maskless employee

The altercation at the Montreal North SAQ reportedly ended with an employee kneeling on the customer’s neck. “This person is losing it and they are going to kill me.”

According to a report by CTV, an SAQ in Montreal North has indefinitely suspended one of its cashiers for attacking a customer who refused to be served by another employee who was not wearing a mask. The customer, Mario Gosselin, overheard the maskless employee mocking public health measures and bragging that his girlfriend was unvaccinated.

“I didn’t feel comfortable being served by the clerk, so I asked to be served by another clerk, who declined to serve me and got aggressive.”

The second SAQ employee called the store’s manager, who reportedly told the customer on the phone that the clerks were not obligated to serve him. Gosselin then slammed the phone down on the counter, turned to leave and was punched multiple times, falling into an arrangement of wine bottles, which shattered on impact. According to Gosselin, one of the employees proceeded to kneel on the side of his head and neck.

“I thought, ‘This person is losing it and they are going to kill me.’”

—Mario Gosselin

Gosselin has filed a police report with the intent of pressing charges. The SPVM is investigating, while the SAQ has launched an internal investigation.

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