Boustan Toronto

Boustan has opened its first location in Toronto, but does Toronto deserve it?

After a rapid expansion here in Montreal, the unstoppable shawarma chain has moved down the 401 to the godforsaken Toronto suburb of Scarborough.

Montreal shawarma joint Boustan has been slinging pitas and garlic potatoes for nearly 40 years, mostly from its longtime location at 2020A Crescent Street. Following the restaurant’s 2012 sale by original owner Imad Smaidi, a Lebanese immigrant who founded the place in 1986, a chain of Boustan restaurants began to grow in Montreal, rapidly expanding since 2017 to nearly 40 locations today. Now Toronto has its first Boustan, albeit in the godforsaken suburb of Scarborough, with 7 to 10 more locations expected to open in the GTA this year alone.

The number of Montrealers who’ve moved to Toronto is, of course, countless. We don’t begrudge belle province expats the opportunity to grab a taste of home, but does Toronto really deserve another Montreal institution that will inevitably become known by clueless 416 locals as a Toronto thing? Do Leafs fans deserve extra garlic sauce? Do U of T bros deserve to dine on a Creation afterhours? Does Doug Ford deserve the ultimate shawarma? Hard no.

Boustan has opened its first location in Toronto — but do they deserve it?

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