KROY animachina installation phi centre

KROY faces her fear of robots in the performance art installation Animachina

The PHI Centre presents seven videos by the Montreal musician, “to be experienced communally.”

This week sees the launch of Animachina, an installation of seven performance art videos by Montreal musician KROY, which will be at PHI Centre from Jan. 21–30. The videos depict KROY, facing her fear of and indulging her fascination with robots, “entering into a symbiosis” with the “monster machines,” which dance with mechanical precision.

“The pieces invite the viewer to see the machine not as a commodity but rather as a friend — one who has the power to act and evolve in concert with the human being.

“In unison, they strum, alter the performer’s voice on pedals and document the scene. The inherent danger in this dance of death where a single error in coordination can lead to a fatal accident allows KROY and her team to touch the sublime. It is amongst machines that she finds comfort and can fully vibrate.”

—Raphaëlle Cormier, for PHI Centre

KROY faces her fear of robots in a new performance art installation

KROY, aka Camille Poliquin, released a new song called “Ryan Atwood” at the end on Dec. 1.

“Ryan Atwood” by KROY

Animachina, featuring KROY, is part of the free programming at PHI Centre (315 St-Paul) from Jan. 21–30. For more, please click here.

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