dfa tattoos Turbo Haüs

DFA Tattoos is hosting a flash sale to raise money for Turbo Haüs

The fundraiser includes several nods to The Simpsons, including a “Big Butt Legault” balloon.

Next Friday, Jan. 28, DFA Tattoos is doing a “flash day” in support of their beloved neighbourhood venue, Turbo Haüs. One of the shop’s artists, Angus Philip Byers, shared a collection of exclusives for the event, which includes a number of Simpsons-themed lockdown art.

“Big Butt Legault” is a nod to the season 6 episode “Bart’s Comet,” in which the spiky-haired Simpson boy pranks Principal Skinner with an embarrassing weather balloon.

Help Turbo Haüs by getting inked at DFA Tattoos.

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DFA Tattoos’ flash sale is available by appointment only. Visit the shop’s website to book your visit. Additionally, you can support Turbo Haüs by purchasing items from their merchandise shop.

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