Carey Price Presence

Carey Price is out of the Montreal Canadiens picture “indefinitely”

The goalie’s return-to-play protocol is restarting, largely due to the recent closure of facilities, following medical consultation over the state of his knee.

The Montreal Canadiens’ new VP of Communications Chantal Machabée spoke to the media today to run down the status of the long list of injured and recently sick Habs players, including Carey Price. Price has been absent since the beginning of the season for a couple of reasons, not least of which is recovery from knee surgery in July, just after the playoffs ended. After making progress in early to mid December, Price was sidelined by the lengthy break that occurred due to the closure of sports facilities when the pandemic’s Omicron wave began. Machabée confirmed today that Price has consulted with his doctor about the status of his knee rehab and will need to essentially restart his return-to-play protocol: gym, solo practice, practice with goalie coach Eric Raymond (who recently came out of COVID protocol), practice with the team. In December, Price had achieved three of those four steps.

Carey Price in New York City, July 2021. Photo by Angela Price

As Coach Dominique Ducharme has repeated ad nauseum, there is no exact timeline for Price’s return, so in that case, things remain status quo. The coach confirmed last week that Price was using the Habs’ facilities in Brossard while the team was on the road, but had not returned to the ice yet.

The Montreal Canadiens play the Arizona Coyotes today at 4 p.m.

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