Home Alone Omicron

WATCH: The Omicron variant gets the Home Alone treatment

“This is my body, I have to defend it!”

The Bloomberg School of Public Health, part of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, shared a video using clips from the Christmas classic Home Alone to illustrate the effectiveness of immunization on the Omicron variant.

The video depicts the COVID-19 vaccine, and especially the booster shot, knocking out both the Omicron and Delta variants of the virus. As per the climactic battle in Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin is the vaccine and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are the Omicron and Delta variants, respectively.

WATCH: The Omicron variant gets the Home Alone treatment

In Quebec, only the immunocompromised and people over 65 are eligible for the booster shot, with appointments opening up for Quebecers over 60 on Dec. 27. The Quebec government has offered assurances that the vaccine rollout will accelerate dramatically in the New Year. The province has seen record-breaking daily case counts almost every day this week.

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