The Ultimate Weed Pre-Rolls Guide: 6 Useful Tips

Take your pre-rolls to the next level.

Pre-rolled joints are pre-packed with weed and ready to go. They’re prepped for the smoker, so all they have to do is light up. If you’re looking to take your pre-rolls to the next level, then here are a few tips that’ll help you get there!

Add A Paper Filter 

paper filter will help to smoke pre-rolled joints better. When rolled, a joint will have an open end and a closed end. The paper filter is the easiest way to close off that open-end without needing extra material or something else to help keep it shut as you’re smoking your pre-rolls. The smoke won’t feel as strong and it will prevent you from coughing. Also, it will make the joint burn slower so you’ll have longer enjoyment, while also not inhaling toxins that come with the weed.

Create A Soothing Atmosphere For Enjoyment

You need to create a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy pre-rolled weed like most enthusiasts do in Great White North. The best pre rolled joints Canada has to offer shouldn’t go to waste so make the environment perfect. They will help you relax and get into a positive mindset while smoking them, but the atmosphere is just as important. Make sure to create an environment that suits your mood before having a pre-rolled cannabis joint. Here’s what to do:

  • make the room darker (use a bedside lamp)
  • put in some chilling music
  • close the windows so no smoke escapes
  • sit or lay down in a comfortable position 
  • add some visuals on your computer screen or TV 

Keep The Smoke Inside Your Lungs For A While

If you want the effect to be better and stronger, you should try to keep the smoke inside your lungs for a while. This way, you’ll make sure that all of it gets absorbed by your body and will have an impact on you as soon as possible. It also helps if you exhale from the mouth instead of the nose because then some toxins can be kept inside your system longer than usual which makes them more dangerous.

Get Rid Of Any Other Chemicals To Make It Taste Better

You want your pre-roll to taste great so you can get rid of any chemicals that might interfere with it. The pre-rolls might be packed with weed but they’re not going to taste good if you keep them in an area with cigarette smoke or other chemicals. Take the pre-rolls out of their packaging and set them aside for now, but keep them in the same bag. 

Make Sure There’s Enough Room At One End

Air should flow better if you leave enough room at one end of the joint. This will allow you to smoke weed pre-rolls better because you won’t have to constantly re-light your pre-rolled joints. The end that has the most room should be at the top, and you’ll need to use a sharp object like a pen or scissors to leave enough room for airflow.

Hold Down The Tip While Lighting

Make sure to hold down the tip of a pre-roll before lighting it. This will ensure the weed doesn’t go up in smoke too quickly and that your pre-rolled joint is going to last as long as you need or want it to. It will burn better for it.

Smoking pre-rolls are fun and popular, but use a paper filter just in case. Create a soothing atmosphere and take your time exhaling for stronger effects. Don’t let chemicals interfere and leave room for airflow. Don’t forget to hold the tip down when lighting!