Top 52 Montreal Songs 2021

The Top 52 Montreal Songs of 2021

A song for every week of 2021 as another year of Montreal artists persevering is now in the books.


10. “Le gens” by Robert Robert

“The sound of Silicone Villeray.”

9. “Dyan” by le Ren

“Being close to the people we’re far away from.”

8. “3 Words” (feat. Leven Kali) by High Klassified

“A modern love song from the Lavallois.”

7. “You Don’t Love Me” by Janette King

“I remember this moment, actually, just like, sitting down at my notebook and being like, ‘No, I don’t really want to put metaphor into what I’m saying.’”

6. “Can’t Let Go” by Laroie

“Between much of Speed of Life and Secret Witness, Laroie and Gene Tellem have formed a formidable partnership.”

5. “Jour 3” by Hildegard

“Ouri and Helena Deland get a little loopy counting down the days.”

4. “My Gully” by Skiifall

“Special thanks to Mr. Patty, the residents on Walkley, and the people at InfluenceU.”

3. “Meaningless” by Charlotte Cardin

“We really focused on vocal melodies and putting forward my voice, rather than tons of crazy different productions.”

2. “Perspehone” by Allison Russell

“Now I’m running down la rue St-Paul, trying get out from the weight of it all.”

1. “Shoot” by Raccoon

“Je peux plus marcher dans l’aile.”

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