Top 52 Montreal Songs 2021

The Top 52 Montreal Songs of 2021

A song for every week of 2021 as another year of Montreal artists persevering is now in the books.

Visibly Choked

20. “Terror Packets” (feat. Censored Dialogue) by Backxwash

“To feel dead like my government name.”

19. “History” by Beatrice Deer

“(Deer) lights up when she speaks about her memories, her upbringing.”

18. “Mother Tongue” by Visibly Choked

“A little grating, a little groovy.”

17. “Si je pleure” by Vanille

“Sun-kissed Montreal.”

16. “Fuck This Place!” by Cristobal Tapia de Veer

The White Lotus was a good show with an amazing score.”

15. “Un rose (pour Richard)” by Myriam Gendron

“A wordless tribute to late Sala Rossa bartender Richard Deschênes.”

14. (tie) “Brand New Flava” (feat. King Shadrock) by Honeydrip and “Chung Shui” (feat. King Shadrock) by Chung

“A King Shadrock double shot!”

13. “SS21” (feat. Mike Shabb) by Pahpay

“Song of the summer.”

12. “When the Moving Stops” by Planet Giza

“And then the sun came up…”

11. “Sirens” (feat. Kallitechnis)” by Gayance

“Future Night Mayor Gayance.”