Top 52 Montreal Songs 2021

The Top 52 Montreal Songs of 2021

A song for every week of 2021 as another year of Montreal artists persevering is now in the books.


30. “Push That Way” by the Lyonz

“Who else performed on the side of a mountain for Montreux Jazz Fest in 2021?”

29. “Sisters (Remix)” (feat. Meryem Saci) by Malika Tirolien

“How do you make Tirolien’s Higher better? Add a remix with Meryem Saci.”

28. “Lalala (Want Somebody)” by TDJ

“Do you think you’re better off alone?”

27. “Imperial Saison Noire” by Spectral Wound

“Stout metal.”

26. “Desde Hoy” (feat. El Fede, Onze, Mad Killa, MC Ivo) by R. West

“A reggaeton anthem for the 514.”

25. “Tempête” by Laurence-Anne

“The funny thing is that it was all written in the week before the crisis. Listening to the lyrics afterwards, some of the songs could be interpreted as being about that, the emotions of a song like ‘Tempête,’ but it was not meant to be.”

24. “Sleepwalking” by Chiiild

“Our man in California pens a nocturnal anthem.”

23. “Half Rich Loner” by Paul Jacobs

“Ramble jamble for the isolation age.”

22. “Parkour” by Fly Pan Am

“The Constellation stalwarts disappeared for a while, only to come back and drop two fantastic records. Sounds familiar…”

21. “This Dream” by Radiant Baby

“Best false stop halfway through.”