Top 52 Montreal Songs 2021

The Top 52 Montreal Songs of 2021

A song for every week of 2021 as another year of Montreal artists persevering is now in the books.

Isabella Lovestory

40. “Half Breed” by Big Brave

“Pure heaviness and emotion.”

39. “Decide” by Trei Ochi

“One of many exciting projects from the Grimey camp.”

38. “Stilling” by Cedric Noel

“Starts earnest and becomes epic.”

37. “To the Beach” by Magi Merlin

“A song about growing out of people and being naked hehe”

36. “Monégasque” by David Campana

“Imagine the convenience of a train from Montreal to Monaco?”

35. “Alo” by Isabella Lovestory

“I really hope Plaza St-Hubert doesn’t get completely gentrified anytime soon — it’s my favourite place.”

34. “Percer” (feat. Shreez) by Rowjay

“Rowjay, Shreez and Freakey! are all breaking through.”

33. “Self Service 1999” by CFCF

“Additional shoutout Punksong.” 

32. “Bonerjam Techno” by Syana

“Another hit for the House of Barbara.” (Watch the age-restricted video on YouTube.)

31. “Nouvelle Vague” by Wake Island

“A lifetime journey in one album.”