Quebec François Legault Christmas message

Legault’s Christmas message: Use good judgement, call lonely people, respect healthcare workers

The Premier’s final words on the urgent public health situation ahead of Corona Christmas.

This morning, Quebec Premier François Legault shared a message on social media advising Quebecers to be smart and be kind this Christmas — to lonely people, and to healthcare workers. (Don’t forget to also open a window at Christmas dinner.)

With minor new public restrictions coming into effect in Quebec on Dec. 26 (and major business and leisure closures implemented this past Monday), experts and critics doubt that the province has done enough to prevent the overwhelming of the health system, which is projected to happen by Jan. 8. Quebec has broken single-day case count records nearly every day this week.

Read the translated Christmas message from François Legault below.

Hello everybody,

Today and tomorrow will bring an opportunity for many of us to recharge our batteries. Even if we don’t have the gatherings we would have liked, we can still enjoy these precious moments.

If you do decide to get together with people outside of your bubble, I urge you to be very careful. The Omicron variant is more contagious than anything we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic. I count on your judgment to respect the instructions and to be careful.

Christmas is above all an opportunity to think about others. You have to think about people who live alone, for whom the situation is even more painful. Please take the time to call the lonely people around you and reach out to them. It’s a small gesture that can do a lot of good.

We also have to think about the essential workers who will have to stay loyal to the job during the holiday season. Nurses, doctors, social workers, police. They have shown immense courage and dedication for almost two years. They deserve our gratitude.

“The following weeks could be difficult. It will be very important to continue our efforts and to stick together, even if we are tired. I count on you.

“Take care of yourself, and enjoy your Christmas anyway.

“Your Premier

—François Legault

A Christmas message from Quebec Premier François Legault: “Enjoy your Christmas anyway.”

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