Our favourite casino shows on Canadian Netflix

Casinos are featured in a lot of great television shows and movies.

Gambling is one of the world’s oldest and most enjoyed pastimes. Card games, dice games and slot machines have kept us entertained for centuries and will continue to do so for centuries to come — even if we’ve mostly traded in the physical games for digital ones.

Casinos have also become an important part of our culture. Even if you’ve never been inside of one, you probably have a good idea about what it would be like. This is because casinos feature in a lot of our great television shows and movies.

It seems like every channel has its own streaming service these days, but Netflix is still the best and biggest. In this article we’re going to be talking about all of our favourite casino shows that are currently streaming on Canadian Netflix.

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Twin Peaks (1990-91, 2017)

Twin Peaks might not be the first show that springs to mind when you think of casinos, even though two different casinos feature prominently in the original series and in the recent return of the show. Maybe that’s partly because it is such a difficult show to categorize

Well, everyone’s favourite horror-comedy-fantasy-mystery-drama is now available and definitely deserves a watch or a rewatch. The scenes at One Eyed Jacks capture the lawlessness of backwoods gambling dens, while Dougie’s affinity for jackpots will make any seasoned gambler jealous.

The shows casino scenes do a great job of capturing the highs and lows of gambling at a casino. They also explore the behind-the-scenes workings of a casino, both the small rural ones that exist throughout the country and the big ones in destinations like Las Vegas. 

Seinfeld (1989-98)

This is another show that might not immediately spring to mind when you think about casinos in television. However, Kramer’s love of gambling is a recurring theme in the show and makes for some hilarious situations.

There are four main episodes if you want to get your Seinfeld gambling fix: The Subway (Season 3), The Contest (Season 4), The Diplomat’s Club (Season 6) and The Susie (Season 8). While you’re at it, why not binge the entire show, there’s a reason it’s considered a classic.

Ozark (2017-2022)

Netflix’s hit series Ozark will soon start its fourth and final season. Thankfully, we have the first three seasons to rewatch until then. The show follows a family who are forced to move to rural Missouri and set up a major money laundering operation.

The plot of the second season is built around the family’s efforts to open a casino. The intrigue and legal wranglings, while dark and dramatic, do show how complicated it is to establish a casino in most parts of the United States and how deeply involved organized crime can be with the gambling industry.

The third season takes in the newly built casino. It again is more focused on the criminal underworld surrounding the casino rather than the gambling itself. It does, however, include some interesting subplots about how casinos can effectively launder large sums of money.

Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler as gambling addict and jeweler Howard Ratner, is a crime thriller that has the human cost of gambling addiction at its heart. It is an intense look at how one man’s love of sports betting leads to the unravelling of his and others’ lives.

It’s a much darker and grittier affair than that which we’d perhaps associate with Adam Sandler, but the actor does a phenomenal job of portraying a man deeply in over his head, in a world to which he doesn’t belong.

The majority of the gambling in Uncut Gems doesn’t take place in a casino, but the final bet placed by Howard’s girlfriend does. The Mohegan Sun in question is one of the most iconic casinos in the U.S, and even those from abroad are likely to recognise the name.

Win It All (2017)

Win It All is a much more positive film than some of the others on this list. While it does show the potential dangers of being addicted to gambling, it also shows the importance of love, family and supporting those we care about.

The film follows a gambling addict who is supposed to be protecting a bag of money, but instead ends up using it to gamble. His early wins are followed by big losses and he must find a way to repay the money before its owner returns. 

Unlike many gambling films which focus on drama, Win It All has a love story at its heart. This aspect of the film might seem cheesy to some; however, it is what sets it apart from the rest of the genre. And when it comes down to it – who doesn’t like a happy ending?