Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu end apartheid died 90

Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, who helped end apartheid, has died at age 90

RIP to a great man.

South African Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu has passed away at the age of 90.

Tutu had received international praise for his activism against apartheid in South Africa. Tutu was also the first Black African Bishop and Archbishop of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his “role as a unifying leader figure” in helping to resolve the issue of apartheid in South Africa.

Following Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990, Desmond Tutu assisted in leading negotiations to end apartheid, introducing multi-racial democracy in South Africa.

In his career after apartheid, Tutu campaigned for gay rights, spoke out about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and expressed his opposition to the War in Iraq.

Tutu leaves behind his wife of 66 years, activist Nomalizo Leah Tutu, and their four children.

RIP to a great man.

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