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La Tulipe threatened with closure over noise complaints by douchebag building owner

“We have been representing the culture of Montreal and Quebec for over 30 years and today we are crying out against injustice.”

Montreal music venue la Tulipe is at risk of closing down due to an unending series of noise complaints and police interventions. Next week, la Tulipe and the record label that owns it, la Tribu, will go to court to face a “request for an injunction in relation to noise” which could result in the venue being closed down, according to their post on social media, where they appealed to the city for help.

“We have been representing the culture of Montreal and Quebec for over 30 years and today we are crying out against injustice.”

—La Tribu

La Tulipe threatened with closure due to complaints by douchebag building owner

La Tribu owner Claude Larrivée told La Presse that the person who’s been complaining to the police bought the adjacent building about two years ago and now lives in a space right next to la Tulipe’s show room, despite the fact that it’s a commercial building not intended to be residence — a licensing error on the part of the city, according to la Tribu, one that city hall has allegedly admitted to.

The venue’s neighbour has been calling the police “almost systematically,” even during “non-amplified events” and during the day. This has resulted in frequent police visits, warnings, threats and tickets, and la Tribu has apparently spent “a fortune on fees of all kinds.” And this is despite the fact that the venue — which has been a show space since 1913 and normally hosts upwards of 200 shows a year — was closed for the better part of 18 months during the pandemic.

Last week, the Plateau venue was subjected to two police raids during a pair of shows by local singer-songwriter Dumas. After la Tulipe was served two $1,000 tickets, Dumas tweeted his support for the venue.

$1,000 ticket per show at la Tulipe Thursday and last Friday. The police came to clap my sound system on the shoulder. We had several tickets during our day rehearsals also in the fall of 2021. Surreal!”


Another Plateau music venue, Turbo Haüs, released strongly worded commentary on Tuesday night in defence of la Tulipe, directly addressing the neighbour who’s been making incessant complaints.

In their statement, la Tribu appealed to Mayor Valérie Plante and Plateau borough mayor Luc Rabouin to put an end to this “Kafkaesque episode.” Rabouin replied on Tuesday evening with words of support for la Tulipe and suggested that the city will find a solution.

“La Tulipe is here to stay. The cultural vitality of the Plateau is an asset to be preserved. We have had several discussions with the owners, and are closely monitoring the legal proceedings underway between the two private parties. A solution will emerge.”

—Plateau mayor Luc Rabouin

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