Jon Price on TSN 690 is Making Canadians Thousands

Price was one of the hottest sports bettors and handicappers in all of Canada this year.

Professional sports bettor Jon Price, the CEO of one of the leading sports betting and handicapping services in the world, has been featured on TSN 690 radio right here in Montreal each and every week and winning for our local listeners. One bettor shrieked as he made over 10 dimes this fall with his free betting predictions on the radio after going 7-2 in his last 9 plays and giving it out to all Habs fans listening in with Chris Nilan.

After going 8-3 with his live, on-air radio picks here in Montreal through the first 11 weeks of the football season, he has many Montreal locals and sports bettors showering him with praise for the thousands of dollars they’ve made from his free on-air betting picks and clamoring for his private plays offered on the sports information traders website

Jon Price is DOCUMENTED at 8-3 with his live, on-air radio picks, making him one of the HOTTEST sports bettors and handicappers in all of Canada this year.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of Jon’s documented picks through the first 11 weeks on the radio:

8-3 after 11 weeks in Montreal, Edmonton & Toronto and as you’ll see…

Montreal 8-3 in 11 weeks

7-2 in his last 9 plays

4-1 in his first 5 plays

9/9: UNDER 65 Ohio State-Oregon W

9/16: Dolphins +3.5 over the Bills L

9/23: OVER 55 Buccaneers-Rams W

9/30: OVER 53.5 Cardinals-Rams W

10/7: OVER 56 Bills-Chiefs W

10/14: Bears +4.5 over the Packers L

10/21: Dolphins +2.5 over Dolphins W

10/28: Falcons 3 over the Panthers L

11/4: UNDER 49 Bills-Jaguars W

11/11: OVER 47 1/2 Bills-Jets W

11/18: OVER 50 Bills-Colts W

Edmonton 8-3 in 11 weeks

8-1 in his last 9 picks

9/10: Washington +6.5 over Michigan L

9/17: UNDER 48.5 Colts/Rams  L

9/24: OVER 55 Buccaneers-Rams W

10/1: OVER 53.5 Cardinals-Rams W

10/8: OVER 56 Bills-Chiefs W

10/15: Titans +5.5 over Bills W

10/22: Dolphins +2.5 over the Falcons W

10/29: Falcons -3 over the Panthers L

11/5: Falcons +6 over the Saints W

11/12: UNDER 47 1/2 Colts-Jaguars W

11/19: OVER 50 Bills-Colts W

Toronto 8-3 in 11 weeks

7-0 in his last 7 picks

9/10 OVER 48 Bills-Steelers L

9/17 Dolphins +3.5 over the Bills L

9/24 Bills -8 over Washington W

10/1 OVER 47 1/2 Bills/Texans L

10/8 OVER 56 Bills-Chiefs W

10/15 Titans +5.5 over Bills W

10/22 Dolphins +2.5 over the Falcons W

10/29 Bills -14 over the Dolphins W

11/5 UNDER 49 Bills-Jaguars W

11/12 OVER 47 1/2 Bills-Jets W

11/19 OVER 50 Bills-Colts W

This kind of winning streak is just another day at the office for one of the world’s best living sports bettors, Jon Price. He’s made international headlines on more than a few occasions with multi-million dollar Super Bowl wagers, as well as predicting the KC Royals winning the World Series back in 2015 long before the season began.

Jon Price is a living legend in the sports betting industry, and this season he’s been reminding people who the top performing NHL and Football bettor has been over the last decade. 

Whether you’re just betting $100 a game, or if you’re looking to turn it into a career by wagering $1,000 per game, Jon Price and his team have the winning information to help you cash in consistently on sports when you tune in to TSN 690 and you can hear the proof with your own ears.