Beyoncé Clint Eastwood A Star Is Born

Beyoncé nearly starred in a Clint Eastwood-directed remake of A Star Is Born

The latest version of the classic Hollywood story was in development for roughly two decades.

2018’s A Star Is Born was a hit on several levels. The film put Bradley Cooper on the map as a respectable director, turned Lady Gaga into a bankable leading lady and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song with “Shallow.”

The remake was in development at Warner Bros. Pictures for roughly two decades and went through many different iterations. In 2011, the studio was working on a version of A Star Is Born that would have starred Beyoncé and been directed by Clint Eastwood.

In 2011, Warner Bros. Pictures was developing a remake of A Star Is Born starring Beyoncé and directed by Clint Eastwood.

Unfortunately, timing did not pan out. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Bill Gerber explained that the birth of one Blue Ivy Carter stalled this iteration’s production to a point of no return.

“There was a moment where that was the best version of the movie and then all of a sudden, Beyoncé got pregnant. Do we wait? She was amazing about all this stuff. She always understood if we were going to take a different direction. And then Clint went off and did another movie.”

As the story goes, Bradley Cooper, who was still one of the film’s stars at the time, took over directing duties and the rest is history.

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