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Le Burger Week offerings from BLVD and Chez Simon

2 of the top 5 best burgers in Canada this year were from Montreal restaurants

Montreal and Winnipeg are officially in a burger war.

Le Burger Week has announced the winners of this year’s festival, compiling the top 5 best burgers in Canada for its 2021 edition, as voted by festival participants. While the top spot went to Winnipeg’s Carlo’s Cucina with their Smokey Barrell burger, 2 of the top 5 best burgers in Canada were from Montreal restaurants.

In second place was Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine, with their insane Bacon + Bacon + Bacon burger. In fifth place was the Macho Nacho Burger from BLVD Bar & Grill. For the top 5 best burgers in Montreal, please click here.

The top 5 best burgers in Canada from le Burger Week 2021

1. Carlo’s Cucina in Winnipeg, The Smokey Barrel

“Toledo signature Beef Brisket Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Grind Patty, apple butter beef brisket smoked by “BIGG SMOAK BBQ,” smoked pork belly, grain Dijon mustard, ‘Beachside Farm & Apiaries’ Sweet Clover Honey Horseradish aioli, smoked gouda, red pepper jelly topped with arugula on our ‘City Bread’ brioche bun. Served with our fresh cut Interlake Yukon gold fries with a side of our ‘Beachside Farm & Apiaries’ Sweet Clover Honey Horseradish aioli.”

2. Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine in Montreal, Bacon + Bacon + Bacon

“Double smash burger, patty 75% beef, 25% bacon. Homemade mustard sauce, grilled Canadian bacon, bacon jam, American cheese on potato roll.”

3. Tommy’s Pizzeria in Winnipeg, Smokin’ Jack

“Tommy’s half-pound patty, lemon-garlic aioli, smoked gouda, Jack Daniels bacon jam, cilantro cabbage coleslaw, homemade potato sticks and spicy pickled onions on our in-house baked brioche bun.”

4. Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery in Winnipeg, The Classy Viking

“Have you ever met a Classy Viking? Neither have we! Here to represent the Classy Vikings. The legendary pure brisket patty, sauteed white wine portobello mushrooms, crispy tobacco onions, arugula, cheddar jalapeno sauce, Brazen bacon blueberry jam topped off with our new truffle aioli! For an extra kick, our mustard chow-chow will be on the side! Just because it’s classy doesn’t mean you have to be! Get messy and sink your teeth in the Classy Viking! Gluten Free Bun (additional $2.49) and Vegetarian Option (additional $2.49) Available!”

5. BLVD Bar & Gril in Montreal, The Macho Nacho Burger

“Avocado mayo, shredded romaine lettuce, 6oz certified Angus Beef patty, bacon, nacho chips with melted St. Albert cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, melted movie-night nacho cheese, salsa, sour cream, brioche bun.”

Check out photos of the top 5 best burgers in Canada in the slider below. To read our reviews for le Burger Week 2021, please click here and here.

2 of the top 5 best burgers in Canada this year were from Montreal restaurants

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