Squid Game weed

Squid Game is so much more messed up on weed

While purely subjective and dependent on the strain, ultraviolence and cannabis don’t appear to be the best match.

After pretty much the entire world had already seen it, I finally sat myself down to watch the pilot of the hugely popular South Korean Netflix series Squid Game. Why did I wait? Well, because I figured it would be best saved for a future edition of Best Buds, where I’d bear witness to this rollercoaster of a watch while being utterly blazed. As you’ll see below, the results were quite satisfactory. 

For readers who live under a cave, I won’t be spoiling anything from the first episode. Instead, I’ll be going over how much the viewing experience is enhanced by the product I’ve consumed below. The Carotte Haze Bio’s outward appearance might fool you: its packaging is simplistic, and the buds themselves feel dry and look a bit bland. As you’ll see in my review, this is why you don’t judge books — or weed strains — by their covers.

Before I continue, I must remind the public that, although I smoke a lot of weed, I’m not actually weed — Machine Gun Kelly (star of the Netflix film Bird Box) beat me to the punch for that title, despite my best efforts. Now, let’s get to it!

HYBRID: Carotte Haze Bio

This sativa-dominant hybrid, grown in Quebec by Sûrnaturel is likely to leave you feeling nice and toasty, even after just a few pipe hits. Don’t let the dry, brittle appearance of the buds fool you: this one is a doozy. The lemony aroma of the buds doesn’t feel particularly powerful to me, but it’s pleasant nonetheless. With the product I got being around 17.3% THC, it also can hit pretty hard, and it’s predominantly a head high. While buying it, the SQDC sales clerk told me that, since it’s organically grown, it also contains virtually no pesticides. I knew I was in for a treat from the start — after about an hour or so, I am FUCKED. As such, it’ll distract you pretty easily from other things in your life, such as when I suddenly forget about the water running at the hottest level while my bathroom sink is clogged as hell and needed more than half a bottle of Drano to be fixed. Although it loses half a point for not always being great for helping your anxiety levels, this is still a pretty dynamite strain.

Now, for my analysis of the Squid Game pilot. I must say this: I don’t normally watch shows as violent as this one, so I knew I was in for a wild ride, whether stoned or straight. It’s an extremely well-produced show so far: striking cinematography, Willy Wonka-esque pastel colour schemes, a captivating plot and pristine camera work. Unfortunately for the squeamish, it’s also got plenty of blood, gore and violence. Since I’m definitely more on the queasy side, I don’t watch the full episode in one sitting (yeah yeah I know, I’m a chicken).

This becomes especially intense when the “squid game” part of the series begins in earnest. As far as how much the weed improves the experience, it definitely makes it a more intense and visceral watch — both in good and bad ways. Smoking this strain results in me feeling like Squid Game is even more eerie, dystopian and cinematic than it already is. Essentially, Carotte Haze Bio is best enjoyed in moderation… and ideally with as little blood, gore and TV death as possible.

The weed: 8.5

The show: 9

This feature originally appeared in the November issue of Cult MTL.

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