Slot Machines in Movies: 5 Films in Which Video Slots Play an Important Role

In most films, video slots act as an indicator of status.

It’s difficult to overestimate the phenomenon of slot machines and their influence on modern culture. Not long ago it was something new and unique, and now they’re ubiquitous in both physical and online casino. Like the best online slots for real money (which offer their customers a chance to plunge headlong into the world of gambling), movies, TV series, literature and video games feature the accoutrements of gambling time and again.

There are loads of movies that, in one way or another, involve tables with card games, casinos with roulette. This is evident across the James Bond film series and many other movies. Slot machines specifically are not often in the frame and play only a secondary role, but even so, they have not lost their value or popularity.

In most films, video slots act as an indicator of status. Whether it’s a movie about the mafia, thieves or millionaires, they always attract attention. The bright, colourful and dynamic backdrop of a casino play a major role in Las Vegas-set films such as Long Live Las Vegas, Ocean’s 11, Mars Attacks or The Hangover, which instill in viewers a desire to play and break a huge score.

The Role of Slot Machines in Top Films

The Top 5 Film featuring video slots are movies that leave an unforgettable impression.

At the top of the list is Once Upon a Time in Vegas (2008), remembered for its A-list cast included Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, as well as a great plot that puts a slot machine at its centre. Through luck or fate, the film’s main character wins the jackpot, perpetuating the notion that everyone has a chance to win — you just need to try your luck.

In second place is Last Vegas (2013), a comedy starring even more A-listers, namely Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro. Determined for a final hurrah, the trio goes to the promised land of Las Vegas in search of adventure. One memorable and iconic moment in the movie is Freeman’s character talking to his son on the phone when all three of them are sitting at the slot machine. And although the game never started, it could not fail to attract the attention of viewers and fans of video slots.

Another landmark film involving slot machines was Thunderball (1995), which drew in fans of Jackie Chan and his fabulous stunts. The movie features a pretty epic fight between the main character and the villain in the hall of arcades. But despite slots being a mere backdrop for fighting in movies like these, their popularity only increased during the period when this film was released.

Next on the list is a short film by Swedish director David Sandberg called Kung Fury (2015), wherein the slot machine comes to life and turns into a fighter for justice and peace on earth. Given his superpowers and thirst for justice, the protagonist travels into the past and tries to change the course of history. The premise of this short film had enough staying power to lead to the production of a sequel starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender, to be released next year.

And at the end of our list is Tron (1982). The film delves into what every gaming fan dreams of — to one day enter their favourite game. The film’s protagonist Kevin Flynn ends up in a computer game due to a series of extraordinary events. Only it’s no longer a pleasant pastime where you can press pause or start over. Tron has become a real war with real consequences.

Video Slots in the TV Series

Along with the many films that feature slots is the classic ’90s TV series Friends, which counts multiple generations of fans. In season 8, episode 12, Phoebe gives Monica and Chandler a slot machine as a gift. Though gameplay isn’t depicted on the show, the idea of keeping an “iron monster” on hand at home was a really great one. Of course, nowadays playing slots is less difficult with the online option, but we’ve always wondered: how did Phoebe even manage to buy a slot machine in the first place, and did she ever get a chance to play?