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Polling giant Leger calls voter turnout in Montreal election “embarrassing”

“Quebecers let a minority (of eligible voters) decide for them.”

Yesterday, the official participation rate for the Montreal municipal election was announced, with a voter turnout of just 38.3%. This is over 4% lower than in the previous Montreal election in 2017, when voter turnout was 42.47%. (The difference amounts to 31,848 fewer legible voters showing up to the polls.)

Jean-Marc Leger, president of the polling firm Leger, reacted to the voter turnout with some harsh words for people in Montreal, referring to the low percentage as “embarrassing.” Leger went on to say that 61.7% of eligible voters chose not to vote, and that “Quebecers let a minority decide for them.”

Polling giant Leger referred to voter turnout in the Montreal election as “embarrassing.”

In a press conference on Monday, the morning after the election, re-elected Mayor Valérie Plante was asked why she thought that roughly two out three Montrealers didn’t cast a ballot. She attributed voter apathy to the fact that this was the second election to take place this fall (following the federal election on Sept. 20), and to political fatigue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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