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New X-Men and Spider-Man animated series are coming to Disney Plus

Disney has announced a ton of Marvel news today.

Today is Disney Plus Day and the streaming service has been red hot with its announcements, including new X-Men and Spider-Man animated series.

It’s hard to believe it has been nearly 25 years since the original X-Men series debuted on Fox Kids. X-Men ’97 is set to capture the charm of the original while bringing many exciting new elements to the table. Disney Plus teased the forthcoming X-Men series with a meme of Wolverine longing for new content.

The X-Men are coming to Disney+.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Freshman Year will explore the early life and times of Peter Parker before he developed into the web-slinging superhero that we all know and love. It is unknown whether or not Tom Holland will reprise his role for the show.

The animated series Spider-Man: The Freshman is coming to Disney Plus.

While X-Men ’97 has been announced for 2023, there are no concrete details as to when Spider-Man: The Freshman Year will premiere on the streaming service. Elsewhere, Disney and Marvel have outlined details for superhero series such as Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and everyone’s favourite sentient tree, Groot. Keep an eye on Disney Plus’s social media accounts for more exciting film and television updates throughout the day.

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