Denis Coderre renoviction

Aislin pokes fun at Denis Coderre’s 2nd Montreal election loss in new cartoon

The cartoon portrays Coderre fleeing the city to the U.S. following his second election loss to Valérie Plante last night.

In an editorial cartoon posted by The Gazette last night, legendary Montreal artist Aislin drew Denis Coderre speeding his way to the United States-Canada border this morning to get out of town after losing another election to Valérie Plante. Today marks the first day of the reopening of the U.S.-Canada land border.

Aislin has poked fun at the second Montreal election loss of Denis Coderre to Valérie Plante in a new editorial cartoon.

According to the latest update by Elections Montreal, Denis Coderre received 37.94% of the vote, significantly lower than Valérie Plante, at 52.05%, with 3,871 of 3,930 polling stations counted. The voter turnout in this election was 37.45%, over 5% lower than in 2017, when it was 42.47%.

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