Monteral executive committee

9 of the 14 members of the new Montreal executive committee are women

Balarama Holness congratulated Valérie Plante on a committee with more gender and racial diversity.

At a ceremony in Bonsecours Market this morning, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante named the members of the new executive committee of Montreal, of which the majority — 9 of 14 — are women.

Among them are executive committee chair Dominique Ollivier, who will preside over finance, human resources, intergovernmental relations, anti-racism and the French language.

Ollivier, along with Rosemont city councillor Ericka Alneus (handling culture and heritage), are women of colour, making for a more diverse executive committee than that of 2017.

Plante referred to the appointed councillors as “exceptional Montrealers who will serve the entire population.” Plante’s party Projet Montréal won 36 of 65 seats in the Nov. 7 election.

Balarama Holness, who ran against Plante in the recent mayoral race, congratulated the mayor on a committee with more gender and racial diversity.

There are 9 women on the new Montreal executive committee, as well as 3 associate advisors.

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