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You can order Squid Game costumes in time for Halloween

The ultimate couples’ costume?

In late September, the Korean series Squid Game became the most-watched show in Netflix history, making the now iconic red jumpsuits and green track suits worn by its contestants and guards/executioners hot picks for Halloween costumes. While the costumes are available on Amazon, the distributors are international, meaning there are no quickie Prime deliveries available. With Halloween less than two weeks away, international shipping makes getting these costumes in time for Oct. 31 a bit of a tight squeeze. If you’re willing to pay for express shipping, however, Squid Game costumes are still available for Halloween.

You’ll notice variations in the shades of red materials used for the jump suits, as well as different masks to go with them — the triangle, the circle and the square, indicating the rank of the guards in the series. In most cases it’s possible to choose between the three mask options, but the fine print sometimes confuses matters with contradictory information about whether a mask comes with the jumpsuit or is sold separately.

As for the Squid Game contestant track suits, protagonist Seong Gi-hun’s 456 jacket is available, as is that of the old man (player 001, aka Oh-Il Nam), 067, the number worn by North Korean girl Kang Sae-byeok, and 199, the gangster whose resemblance to Eric Lapointe has been pointed out on Queb Facebook. Track pants come with the jackets, but you’ll have to buy your white slip-ons separately.

Other Squid Game costumes that are available include the Front Man (the big boss with the angular black mask) and the girl/doll outfit on the motion detection statue seen in the first episode, “Red Light, Green Light.”

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