Maryze Backxwash video Squellettes

WATCH: Maryze & Backxwash conjure up Halloween spirit in their new video

“Squelettes” was inspired by gritty horror movies and David Lynch fever dreams.

Montreal artists Maryze and Backxwash have come together once again in a new video for their Halloween 2020 single “Squelettes.” Backxwash’s creative director Méchant Vaporwave, who directed, edited and shot the video, set out to create “a nauseating fever dream aesthetic.” The gritty, glitchy, fantastical video was inspired by horror movies and the demented films of David Lynch.

“The song personifies addiction as a destructive entity that creeps in and takes hold, becoming inescapable, as well as the loss of self with lyrics like ‘my face no longer looks like me, I’ve lost my shadow.’ I was so blown away by the way Méchant Vaporwave brought that vision to life and how perfectly Backxwash’s verse fit in. It was an honour to work with them!”


Maryze & Backxwash in “Squelettes,” directed by Méchant Vaporwave

After releasing a series of singles and an EP, Maryze will be launching a debut album via Hot Tramp Record in the spring. Backxwash, who won the Polaris Music Prize in 2020, released her second album I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses in the summer and will perform as part of the M for Montreal festival in November.

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