The French Dispatch Wes Anderson Jarvis Cocker music video

WATCH: A French Dispatch music video directed by Wes Anderson

Jarvis Cocker covers the classic French song “Aline.”

Wes Anderson’s new film The French Dispatch is out in theatres now — a movie so nice we reviewed it twice (here and here). The soundtrack features a cover of the classic French song “Aline” by Jarvis Cocker, who voices the fictional French singer Tip-Top in the film. Wes Anderson directed an animated music video for the song, depicting Jarvis Cocker interacting with various characters from The French Dispatch. Check it out below.

The music video for “Aline” by Jarvis Cocker, from the soundtrack for The French Dispatch

“Aline” dates back to 1966, and was originally performed by Christophe.

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