Quebec François Legault tiktok premier

Quebec Premier François Legault is now on TikTok: “Bonjour tout le monde”

Could this be his downfall?

Quebec Premier François Legault announced earlier today that he’s joined TikTok, the social network that specializes in the sharing of short videos that are often comedy or dance-related.

In what would normally likely be a very awkward experiment by an older person trying to appeal to the younger generation (60% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old), Legault obviously has a team of people around him, so who knows. Maybe we will get to see a more light-hearted version of Legault that inspires him to have more empathy. At the time of publishing, François Legault had 890 followers on the platform.

The first TikTok video by François Legault poked fun at his “famous” phrase, “Bonjour tout le monde,” which he’s said at the beginning of every press conference for years now.

Premier François Legault is now on TikTok: “Bonjour tout le monde“

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