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Canadians now hold historically negative views of China

Just 10% of Canadians hold favourable views of China, compared with 77% for Germany and 75% for the United Kingdom.

A recent study by Angus Reid has confirmed that the favourability of China by Canadians has reached the new low of 10% this month, significantly lower than in 2018 before the Two Michaels were imprisoned there.

“Before the Michaels’ detention, two-in-five (38%) respondents reported a favourable view of China. The public also appears to draw a sharp distinction between China and Taiwan, the independent country that China wants to annex. Half (49%) of Canadians hold a favourable view of Taiwan.”

The countries with the most favourable views by Canadians are Germany (77%) and the United Kingdom (75%). China is among the least favourable countries, second to Saudi Arabia, at 9%.

Canadians now hold historically negative views of China, with favourability currently at just 10%.

When Canadians are assessing their views about Canada’s relationship with China, 76% say human rights and the rule of law should be the most important factors while 24% say trade and investment opportunities should be Canada’s top priority.

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