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Scenes From a Marriage

What’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave and CBC Gem

A new series starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, another Mary Elizabeth Winstead badass action movie, a Montreal-shot erotic thriller & more.

A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series streaming on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, Tubi, CBC Gem and Criterion Channel

New on Netflix

new on Netflix
Kate (new on Netflix)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead continues her transformation into a full-time action badass with Kate (Sept. 10), a Japan-set action movie in which she plays a poisoned assassin who must find the culprits and eliminate them before the poison takes full effect. Also hitting the streaming giant today is the sixth and final season of Lucifer, the German thriller Prey and something called Metal Shop Masters, which is apparently a reality competition show centered around competitive welding (!). 

On Sept. 15, you can stream the newest season of the Nigerian legal drama Castle and Castle alongside season 6 of the cake-making competition Nailed It!, all nine seasons of Saved by the Bell and Too Hot to Handle: Latino, a Latin American version of the abstinence-focused reality show.

Movie-wise, Netflix has the recent Child’s Play remake starring Aubrey Plaza (Sept. 11), The Wolf of Wall Street (Sept. 12), Hobbs & Shaw (Sept. 14), Coming to America (Sept. 15), David Bowie biopic Stardust (Sept. 15) and Zombieland: Double Tap (Sept. 15).

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New on Amazon Prime Video

new on Netflix
The Voyeurs (new on Amazon Prime Video)

Sydney Sweeney stars in the Montreal-shot and set erotic thriller The Voyeurs, which has drawn comparisons to Hitchcock and de Palma. It’s available to stream as of today alongside Mixte, a French series about the first mixed (male/female) high school in France, and the docuseries LuLaRich, about a clothing company that turned out to be a pyramid scheme.

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New on Crave

Scenes From a Marriage Crave HBO
Scenes From a Marriage (new on Crave / HBO)

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac star in Scenes From a Marriage, an adaptation of the miniseries of the same name directed by Ingmar Bergman in 1973; the first episode airs Sept. 12, but as of today you can also stream the original 1970s version on Crave. Jeff Daniels stars in American Rust (Sept. 12), an adaptation of the 2009 novel of the same name in which he plays a small-town sheriff investigating a murder. Sept. 13 has season two of the British show Back to Life, while you can stream the first episode of the sports documentary series Level Playing Field as of Sept. 14. The most notable movie release this week is Paul Greengrass’s Western News of the World, starring Tom Hanks.

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New on CBC Gem

new on Netflix
Sherlock (new on CBC Gem)

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch star in the hit British show Sherlock, a mainstay of best-of lists of the last decade that’s now available to stream on CBC Gem. A handful of 9/11 docs are also made available today, as well as Kim Nguyen’s The Hummingbird Project, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgård. 

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A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series streaming on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, Tubi, CBC Gem and Criterion Channel