Traits of a Good Lawyer: What You Should Be Looking For

When you are accused and charged with a crime, it can be quite difficult to know which person you should be hiring to defend you.

The average person doesn’t have much experience with attorneys or the legal system. Thus, when you are accused and charged with a crime, it can be quite difficult to know which person you should be hiring to defend you. To make this decision a little simpler, here are the top traits that you should know about – and look for – when searching for an attorney: 


When it comes to the legal system, the importance of expertise really can’t be overstated. Prior experience with your type of case, whether it is a DUI, drug charge, or sexual assault case is key. This will prove to you that your lawyer knows what they are doing. 

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a criminal sexual charge defence lawyer or someone to get you out of a DUI, look at their case history. Have they handled such cases before? If so, what was their approach and what was the end result? 

Ability to Communicate 

Believe it or not, good communication skills are important traits for lawyers. After all, you need to know what is going on in your own case every step of the way. Thus, you need someone who is able to clearly outline your case, what is happening at that moment, and how things are proceeding. 

A really great lawyer will also explain their approach. They will also give you examples such as a DUI case dropped because of the police mistake, for instance, to show you why they are taking a particular stance. Having a lawyer that can easily communicate with you can make all the difference to how you feel about your options and outcome. 

Commitment without Aggressiveness 

You’re probably quite familiar with lawyers on TV and in movies being described as sharks. Now, in that context, this can seem like a good thing. This is because most people want a tenacious and active lawyer that will do battle for them. 

In many instances, though, having an overly aggressive attorney can actually backfire. For one thing, they may end up riling up the people on the other side of the case. They may even alienate important people in the judicial process.

As you can imagine, this isn’t an ideal scenario. This is why you should look for attorneys who are committed to your cause rather than aggressive. They will then get the job done, but in a way that you can be proud of. 


Naturally, no two cases are alike. Thus, you require an attorney who is resourceful and creative enough to approach each and every case from a different point. This will give you the best chance of success and, in many instances, can ensure that the process isn’t dragged on for too long either. 

You may want to quiz your lawyer on their previous approaches or ask them about how they do or don’t tackle cases depending on the circumstances. 

These are the main traits that you should be looking for with your lawyer. Do this and you are sure to find an excellent fit for you.