Manifestation Mondiale Pour le Climat Global Protest for Climate Justice

Global Protest for Climate Justice in Montreal

Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement is mobilizing for the annual march in cities around the world.

The George-Etienne Cartier Monument on Parc Avenue will be the site of a massive march at 1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 24. The annual Global Protest for Climate Justice, part of the Fridays for Future movement launched by Greta Thunberg, aims to draw attention to the crisis that is already causing devastation around the world.

“In this spirit of climate and social justice, and considering that in order to achieve climate resiliency, we must address social injustices, we propose paths towards a solution that addresses the climate crisis and the systematic inequalities in our society.”

The group would like to see the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2030, rather than 2050, a goal the Canadian government has committed to. They want this to be achieved “while ensuring that the transition towards a zero-carbon society is carried out in a way that does not harm the well-being of our communities and ensures the continued economic and social stability of workers.”

They also want to see an immediate end to all fossil fuel production and exportation, the expansion and improvement of public transportation systems, enhanced and expanded protection of natural environments, restoration of damaged ecosystems and government support for the creation of hyper-local circular economies.

TOMORROW: Global Protest for Climate Justice in Montreal

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