Tips for clearing a betting bonus

In this guide, we look into the question: How do you push a betting bonus?

Almost every bookmaker offers a betting bonus for their new customers. The competition is fierce and with such a welcome bonus is an effective marketing tool to generate new customers. The player himself has an enormous advantage: he can choose the best bonus and the best bookmaker. In our bonus comparison, we inform about the different bonuses and also list the best bookmakers with a no deposit bonus. In this guide, we look into the question: How do you push a betting bonus?

In order for a bonus to be pushed, certain requirements must be met for this betting strategy to work. First of all, the player must be registered with at least two bookmakers, however, registering with significantly more betting providers is much more effective. We will go into more detail about why this is so later. In addition, this betting provider may or may not also offer a bonus programme.

The term “bonus push” or “bonus wash” means the same thing and both words are used equally. The purpose of pushing the bonus is to ensure that the bonus can be paid out later and that the rollover conditions are fulfilled. Bonus shifting is therefore also a so-called sure bet – the hedging of a bet with different bookmakers so that at least one of them later turns out to be a profit.

As already explained, bonus pushing is a very safe strategy, unlike most other strategies. Since a similar bet is placed with two bookmakers, not much can go wrong here. Such a bet hedging strategy is called Sure Bet by experts. Because if the bet wins with bookmaker A, it loses with B or vice versa. This means that the player is always on the winning side and not only comes to a profit, but also to a lucrative bonus. Since we need bookmakers who offer similar bets, it has proven useful to register with different betting providers for this purpose and select the appropriate bet from this pool.

The bonus push works in two different ways:

Now it is time to choose the bet: It is important that the bet has odds of 2.0 with both bookmakers or two odds that are close to each other. In addition, the bet must be placed on exactly the same betting market with the opposite outcome but the same stake. Because if the player wins with bookmaker B and loses with bookmaker A, then one bet is won and one bet is lost. With a bet of $200, the profit at B is $400. Since in our example the player is already a customer of bookmaker B and no longer has to clear a bonus, he can withdraw this $400 immediately.

If the bet at bookmaker A (the bookmaker with the welcome bonus) wins, then the player will receive $400 again for a bet of $200 and the amount cannot be paid out, but the bonus conditions are partially fulfilled. Subsequently, a new 2-way bet is placed and the process continues until the turnover conditions are fully met.

If you do not want to place a 2-way bet because you prefer to bet on football, you can, for example, choose the type of bet less than 2.5 goals with one bookmaker and more than 2.5 goals with the other. Here, too, the odds should be as close as possible and preferably 2.0. We also advise you to read the bonus conditions carefully, because the bets must meet the requirements, otherwise the bet and the bonus may be lost.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to whether you have to expect fees for deposits or withdrawals, because these reduce the profit. The odds do not necessarily have to be 2.0, but they should be very close to each other. Only then is a corresponding profit margin possible.