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The Liberals have won the election: CBC projects a victory for Justin Trudeau

CTV has called a Liberal minority government.

UPDATED 10:47 p.m. Just before 10:30 p.m., CBC projected that the Liberal Party of Canada will win tonight’s election, keeping Justin Trudeau in place as Prime Minister. Though it was initially unclear whether it would be a minority or majority government, CTV has now called a Liberal minority.

The Liberals have currently won or are leading in 150 ridings, with the Conservatives at 119. 170 is the number needed for a majority.

According to Philippe J. Fournier from 338Canada, the election can be called this early — when votes are still being counted and voters are still in line to vote in some cities — because the Liberals have held their position in Quebec while the Conservatives have not been able to “pierce the Liberal armour” in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Liberals will win this election: CBC projects a victory for Justin Trudeau

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