norm macdonald dead passes away

Canadian comedian Norm MacDonald has passed away at age 61

Rest in peace to a Quebec-born icon.

Saturday Night Live alum Norm MacDonald has passed away. The Quebec City-born comedian died earlier today at age 61, after losing a nine-year battle with brain cancer. Deadline reports that MacDonald chose to keep his condition private, deciding not to tell many of his friends and family.

Aside from his work as lead anchor on SNL‘s Weekend Update in the ’90s, MacDonald can be remembered for several timeless roles. One of his sole starring vehicles, Dirty Work, was a financial flop but has since garnered a cult following. The funnyman also had a reoccurring role in the early seasons of Family Guy, lending his vocal talents to Death, the Grim Reaper.

He was known for his deadpan, non-sequitur style of humour and would often drag his jokes on for several minutes for comedic effect. Case in point: the all-time great “Moth Joke” from an appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

Norm MacDonald was a master in the art of deadpan humour.

MacDonald developed a cherished relationship with fellow Saturday Night Live cast member Adam Sandler during their time together on the late-night sketch show. The two appeared in eight movies together, including Billy Madison and Grown Ups.

Norm MacDonald is survived by his 28-year-old son Dylan, and his brother Neil, a senior correspondent on CBC News’s The National.

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