Montreal to Delhi India direct flight air Canada

Air Canada to launch direct flights from Montreal to Delhi, India

Montreal’s first ever direct flight to India.

Air Canada has announced that it is planning to launch new direct flights from Montreal to Delhi, India as market conditions allow. Service from Canada to India started in 2015, with Air Canada operating flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Delhi and from Toronto to Mumbai.

Air Canada also resumed flights to Delhi from Toronto and Vancouver today, following the lifting of the Government of Canada restrictions on non-stop flights from India.

“People are eager to reunite with family and friends and we are very pleased to resume service immediately from India to our Toronto and Vancouver hubs following the lifting of restrictions by the Government of Canada. We continue to be focused on the growing visiting friends and relatives market, and together with the long-standing cultural and business ties between Canada and India which are expected to grow over the coming years, Air Canada remains strongly committed to this important Asia-Pacific market.”

—Mark Galardo, Senior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada

For more on the announcement of direct flights between Montreal and Delhi, India please see the Air Canada news release.

Earlier today, Air Canada confirmed its plan to launch new direct flights from Montreal to Delhi, India.

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