Sitcom-themed pizza restaurant Hang Time has opened in Montreal

Hang Time Pizza offers pies named after Friends, Seinfeld and Saved by the Bell, among other TV hits.

Hang Time Pizza is the latest pizzeria to open in Downtown Montreal. The restaurant is located next to Concordia’s Sir George Williams Campus. Its unique sitcom theme offers the potential to be a popular spot for students looking for an afterschool snack.

With a unique sitcom theme, Hang Time Pizza has the potential to win the hearts of foodies across Downtown Montreal.

Hang Time serves several pizzas named after classic comedies of the 1980s and ’90s. If you are like Everybody and Love Raymond, the “Raymond’s Sausage Square Pie” is for you. However, if Tim Allen’s Tim “The Toolman” Taylor character is more to your liking, you can indulge in the “Home Improvement Sausage Pie.” Other pizzas are named after Friends, Seinfeld and Saved by the Bell, among other television hits.

The pizzeria is unique in not only its theme but its menu, as well. Hang Time offers both traditional and Detroit-style pizza. Guests can stop by to pick up a slice, or stay for a full pie with friends.

Hang Time Pizza is located at 1390 de Maisonneuve W. For more, please visit the restaurant’s Instagram.

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